Since it is not possible for everyone to get their first choice, it is very important that you consider all choices carefully. We encourage you to participate in different types of projects each year.  Past experiences will be taken into account in the placement process; If you have participated in a popular project in the past, 特别是旅游项目, be prepared that you may not be placed on a similar project this year.  Travel projects are ones where the participant did not sleep at home for the majority of the project.  

Criteria that will affect project placement include: year in school, 本地项目与旅游项目的历史对比, 以前的项目选择号, 学校与独立项目, 群体兼容性.  Although it is fun to do projects with your friends, one of the goals of project week is Challenge and this may take the form of interacting with people outside your circle of friends.  Teachers will often request splitting up students to improve the project dynamics.  Therefore, groups who decide to list all the same projects often find themselves widely scattered.  As a result,it is best to make your own decisions about what you would really like to do. Students should be prepared to participate in any of their five choices.           

看到 下面的最后期限. If you do not complete the sign-up process by the due date, you will not be included in the first placement and will be placed in a project on a space available basis. 

定义 & 额外的信息

Extended education projects are projects usually costing over $1,000 and involving travel. These projects require extensive student involvement in preparing for the project. Sign-ups for these trips are done with the leaders prior to project week sign-ups.

的项目, 扩展教育除外, the cost in the catalog will be the cost of the project unless notified.

All prices listed for extended education projects in the catalog are estimates. 领导者尽量做到准确无误, 但是票价, 租赁费用, and numbers of participants are subject to change so please keep this in mind when signing up. Final costs can be higher or lower than those listed. Student accounts will be charged once final expenses have come in and only for expenses incurred. If you have concerns about the cost then speak to the leader directly. 

Please do not list a project which will cause financial problems if you are assigned to it.   

Occasionally a student may have to drop out of a project on which they have already committed money.  Depending on the timing and nature of the project some refunds may be available.  然而, many projects are based on a certain number of participants, negotiated group fares and charges by outside organizations.  一旦投入资金, Overlake cannot be held responsible for providing refunds if doing so would jeopardize the project or result in cost increases for the other participants.

一些项目涉及飞行.  Flight insurance is purchased for all international travel projects. 如果你担心可能的美国.S. 航班取消航班, please contact the 项目周 Director about arranging flight cancelation insurance. 

Certain Upper School projects can earn up to 15 hours of Community Service credit.  这些都在项目描述中注明.  

Certain projects may require advance sign-ups. Students chosen to participate in these projects do not need to select projects during the normal selection period. Students who apply for independent projects must apply during the normal selection period in case their project is not approved.  

Please note: for the 2023-24 school year independent projects are not offered as an option to students.

Students may do one independent project in Middle School and one in Upper School. Arrangements for this option are made with the project week director. This will not be considered an option after regular project assignments have been posted. 独立的小组项目不是一个选择.  

项目周 assignment changes will be made only in the case of a medical condition that prohibits student from participating in the project or another compelling reason as identified by the 项目周 Director. 出于这个原因, students should carefully read the catalog descriptions to ensure that they can complete project requirements. If students participate in a competitive sports league or are members of another group organization that may possibly require them to attend an event during 项目周, they are encouraged to select a local project.  


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